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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Round 10

I can hardly believe that she had her tenth dose on Friday. I actually thought it was her ninth but then I looked at her wall and sure enough there were nine little quilt blocks representing the nine weeks that have gone by. I had to go look at the calendar to make sure it really was the tenth dose. The day we decided to undertake this treatment the tenth dose looked a million miles away and now here we are just two doses away from the end of her trial! After the twelfth dose we will begin to go every other week and if it holds off the growth then we will try and go every three and then just once a month. We will keep spacing treatments out as long as regrowth doesn't occur. Cross your fingers!

This week Addison's arm, under the dressing, looks much better. It's hardly red and it's just a bit dry. They repositioned the dressing to see if they can get part of the skin to heal up in the open air and next week will reposition it again to heal up another part. On Monday and Wednesday the home health care nurse came and put a new dressing on and applied a steroid. The steroid made all the difference in the world.

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  1. Brooke I don't know how I missed this blog! I wondered why you haven't been updating much on Addisons treatments on the other blog. You amaze me. I just think you are such a strong girl for being able to cope so well with this. I admire your strength and it really has helped me to put my little troubles with Gabe into perspective.