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Friday, May 14, 2010

Hair & Hats

So after 13 weeks of chemo here is what is left of Addison's hair. She's got a pretty sweet combover that hang out on the left side.
And a nice monk looking hair cut thanks in part to her scrubbing it off when she's falling asleep.
So what do you do with so little hair? Make a mohawk of course!
That along with her PICC scar makes her one tough little girl.
Thankfully our mailbox keeps being stuffed with hats. This one came from Pat and we love, love, love it. Now she's ready for the Kentucky Derby.

We bought this little beanie we accessorize with many different clips to match her outfits.
And look for pictures coming soon of a hat fashion show courtesey of Grandma Jodi and Pop Pop!


  1. well if she's ever not in the mood for a hat, i LOVE the mohawk!! :) That Kentucky Derby hat is way cute on her too!

  2. I LOVE the mohawk, what a tough little cookie. She can SO pull off the hats. She is so dang cute!