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Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Time for an Update, don't you think?

I find myself less motivated to post as Addison's medical procedures decrease. She's been on Propranolol, a blood pressure medication, since this Fall. She takes it orally three times a day and she takes it like a champ. The only thing we have to becareful of is preventing side effect seizures by making sure she gets at least one ounce of food every six hours, day and night. I won't lie, I do wish I could sleep for a whole night through and I'm sure Addison would agree but soon enough. I Jan we will stop her Propranolol and she'll have a recheck at Children's on Feb. 15th. If we don't see any growth after stopping the med. we may really be done. Her face is pretty symmetrical now. Ryan and I can still see some puffing when we look at her cheek from behind but strangers don't notice anything. Her "strawberry" mark has defiantly lightened from a glossy red to a dull pink and we think it's getting more speckled opposed to solid like it was. Kids do still comment about what this mark is and I've come up with the following answer, "When she was leaving Heaven before she was born the angels kissed her, with lipstick! And they kissed you too but they just weren't wearing any lipstick." It usually quiets them and brings out a smile. At this point we can whole heartedly say we are so, so, so glad we chose to do the Vincrystine and I'm starting to really feel the warmth from the light at the end of the tunnel.

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